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ECI coin is coming soon!

It will be the first ever tracking coin that tracks ECI-30 coins
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Emerging Coin Index Coalition

Emerging Coin Index (ECI30) is a coalition of upto 30 emerging (crypto) coins. It is an equal weighted basket of upto 30 coins, similar to an Exchanged Traded Fund (ETF). ECI is a tracking coin, not a real crypto coin. Buying ECI means buying each of the member coins. This means a single commission, better diversification and better distribution of investment risk.

Top 5 Functions of ECI

  1. Shop: Allow investors to purchase ECI coins either on our website or through Exchanges. Investors from certain countries (where such transactions are prohibited) cannot purchase
  2. Education: Educate users about Alt coins and the crypto industry
  3. Advocacy: Advocate for our member coins and their users
  4. Blacklists: Maintain blacklists of businesses and people to protect the member coins and the community from scams, frauds and other unethical practices
  5. Regulation: Serve as a self regulatory body and review complaints from community against our member coins alleging gross misconduct, discrimination or serious fraud

Current Members of ECI

Bitcoin RM (BCRM)Help The Homeless (HTH)Blacer Coin (BLCR)
Sovereign (SOV)Beam (BEAM)Light Pay Coin (LPC)
Rupaya (RUPX)Hilux (HLX)Logis Coin (LGS)
X42 (X42)Nyerium (NYEX)SekoPay (SEKO)
Cryptonodes (CNMC)Slimcoin (SLM)Galilel (GALI)
Carebit (CARE)Newton Coin (NCP)Ragnarok (RAGNA)
Edcash (EDC)Decent (DCT)Eazy (EZY)
Epic Coin (EPIC)

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